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Drivers and Health On The Road

One of the largest concerns in the trucking industry today is the health of those on our roads. From daily runs to the long hauls, drivers have the potential to face a great deal of health-related complications. However, all hope is not lost for those behind the wheel. Many trucking companies are becoming more aware of the need to instill healthy living within the training programs of their drivers, and they have established more regimented communications about how to live healthy. Through planning and preventative measures, drivers can properly set themselves up for a healthy lifestyle on the road.

Avoid Fast Food And Get Some Excericse
Though a hamburger is often one of the few choices for a driver, meals full of greasy and fried food is not a dietary plan that leads to long-lasting health. If available, drivers should look for sustainable and filling snacks and food that will provide energy on the road in addition to ensuring a driver feels filled up.
Instead of reaching for a whopper, a driver ought to look for food such as jerky, nuts, dried fruit, or other non-perishable foods that are loaded with protein without being loaded with fat.

Secondly, a driver should take some time to get out of the cab and walk around or stretch to keep themselves limber and healthy. There are multiple excercises and stretches a driver cna complete using the cab of their truck. For the more intrepid driver, there is a great deal of equipment and workout tools a driver can use to keep themselves fit. 

Establish A Sleep Routine
For those working over-the-road or line haul routes, sleeping in the cab is a necessity. Some drivers are lucky enough to have luxurious cabs that resemble their bedrooms at home – others are confined a small mattress that resembles not much of anything. Whatever one’s sleeping situation might be, it’s a good idea to establish a routine that prepares one for their bed time and allows the mind to “power down” as well. Drivers can do this by going to bed at approximately the same time every night, reading a few pages of a book before lying down, making a cup of tea and doing a crossword puzzle, or some other relaxing activity. If anything, it is not recommended to use electronics before going to bed as it may overload the mind and cause it to be active even if one feels physically exhausted.

Communicate with others

Mental health is another large component of a driver’s overall health. Sometimes the isolation on the road can be good for an individual who feels overwhelmed by society. Other times, loneliness on the road can provoke depression or feelings of anxiety. It’s important that drivers are not entirely cut off from others and have the ability to interact with people outside of the few they may encounter on the job. Luckily, we live in a digital age where drivers have multiple ways in which to contact loved ones and friends. Using smartphones, skype, instant messaging, and the old-fashioned phone call is a great way to provide for a driver’s well-being.

For drivers who want to ensure they have a healthy lifestyle, they ought to talk to their companies and explain their concerns so that they may work in unison to ensure a healthylife in trucking is attained.