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ELD Mandate 2017

Many trucking companies, owner-operators and drivers alike are torn asunder by the electronic log compliance mandate set for December 31st, 2017. Some believe that electronic logs are the way of the future, and will allow the industry to advance forward to a more tech-savvy and efficient future. Others worry that the ELD mandate will cause nothing but trouble for drivers, and leave them in a wake of over-managed inefficiency.

The ELD mandate intends to ensure that all trucks operate safely, and in doing so accurately track, manage and share records of one’s duty and their status on the job. For those using paper logging systems, ELD will replace physical logs and will better ensure tampering with hours of service and other data that drivers must log.

One of the largest issues the mandate faces is how much the industry has embraced technology (or, how much they have failed to embrace it.) The compliance date will force drivers to accept technology whether they like it or not, but many argue it does not seem to mirror the rate that technology is being accepted into the world of driving.

The other side of the conversation is that the trucking industry ought to keep up with the times lest it become an obsolete and weak agency of force in logistics. If drivers continually fail to accept technology that is devised to keep them accountable and efficient, it may be indicative of a larger problem in the industry. Some argue that 18-

wheelers become more endangered when they cannot adapt to modern times, especially when delivery drones and self-driving trucks are not incredibly far away from the norm.

Many feel as though the ELD mandate is one of many regulations devised to keep truckers oppressed or otherwise micromanaged in an already difficult occupation. Larger trucking companies are feeling the stress of accepting such an enormous rule, while the smaller companies and independent operators are those worried most about the impending ELD.

With over 3.5 million driving jobs in the United States, it’s safe to say that the ELD mandate will have an enormous impact on the industry. No one can accurately predict what the ELD mandate will do for trucking, but many are ready for a great deal of change in the near future.