Blue Knight Transport

Dealing in crude oil and energy resources, Blue Knight Energy is a unique name in the transportation industry, providing for the energy needs and assets of the country. Unlike other carriers, Blue Knight and its team of skilled drivers are solving both problems to logistics and fuel by getting to the root of the problem and working their way up. 

Blue Knight meets a wide variety of anticipated needs for the country, and with its fleets provides one of the most important jobs in the country - meeting the oil and energy needs of America. Drivers with Blue Knight are meticulous, hard-working and overall masters in their field, ensuring that commerce in America goes on smoothly due to their great work. 

Drivers with Blue Knight are also incredibly knowledgeable about the laws and regulations surrounding state and local laws, ensuring that they abide by the rules set out for them.

With Blue Knight, drivers are truly a different sort of breed, dealing with freight that is unimaginably important and that must be delivered in a process that does not meet the standards of typical freight. Field Services drivers are highly dependable and highly accountable for their actions and safety on the road. Drivers will operate in the greater Texas area, working with oil-rich territories. 

For a career that requires a professional driver for a professional atmosphere, look no further than Blue Knight Transportation.