At Estes Express, top-quality solutions for transportation problems are the main goal of operations. Since 1931, Estes has proven to be one of the leading LTL transportation companies in the United States, with coverage in transportation to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Estes is also committed to serving its troops, with an excellent program for U.S. Veterans interested in finding a fulfilling and terrific career on the road. 

Estes provides top-notch service for its clients and recruits drivers who are looking for a career as both a driver and a "problem-solver." In that sense, drivers with Estes are highly attentive to the needs of their clients and can fulfill service that is entirely up to par with the industry's best. Estes vows to treat drivers like the remarkable problem-solvers that they are, with a fantastic number of benefits and perks for taking on the job. 

Drivers with Estes are also guaranteed a great deal of home-time, ensuring that a schedule that matches their lifestyle is secured. In addition to wonderful time home, Estes drivers will also be immersed in a friendly and communicative environment where their voice is heard. Estes is a environment that considers itself welcoming, and every employee sees the benefit of joining because their concerns and thoughts are all taken into consideration. Estes frequently engages its company in social gatherings and outings, community programs to show their immediate area that they care, and employee recognition programs for the hard-working individuals that truck with Estes.